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Learn to Hold Your Camera Like a Pro: Video 101

The following lesson was created by Vimeo for its Vimeo Video School [1]. It’s used here with permission. Look for a new lesson each week.

Knowing the right way to hold a camera is just about the most important part of filming apart from knowing how to record, that is! The best shots are the steady shots and this lesson will cover some quick tips on how to keep your camera steady and get smooth movements when you are filming. All right, let’s do this!

Tips for Shooting Handheld:

For extra credit…
Increase your height! Try holding the camera above your head for high shots. The angled LCD makes this easy!


Note: We recommend not holding the camera vertical if you are just starting out with shooting video. Editing vertical video can get a little tricky, so it is best to keep horizontal.

While shooting handheld is sufficient for most situations, using a tripod is the ideal setup for steadying shots. Want to have the steadiest shot and not shoot handheld? Check out our lesson How To Stop Shaky Camera Syndrome [4].

Ready for more? Learn how (and why) to white balance your camera [5] or view more lessons at the Vimeo Video School [1].