Intergi Launches Online Video Advertising for Small Biz

Intergi Entertainment, a company usually know as an advertising representative for video gaming companies and websites, today launches Playwire, an online video advertising platform for small- and medium-sized businesses.

You can get started with Playwire at no cost, because the platform offers 2GB of free bandwidth per month. Paying customers pay only for the bandwidth they use, with prices starting at $1 per gigabyte per month. That rate decreases with higher-use plans. Playwire doesn’t charge for hosting or encoding, and there are no long-term contracts.

Playwire serves ads on the streamed videos, then splits the revenue with the host sites. Sites with high enough traffic can break even on their video streaming costs or even generate revenue.

The platform streams H.264 Flash video to standard browsers or MP4 H.264 videos to Apple iOS devices. Intergi uses Amazon Cloud Services for its hosting and streaming backend.

Customers have to be accepted into the advertising program, so that Intergi can guarantee desirable placement to advertisers. Sites have to be free of adult material and ads need to be placed high on their pages. Ad revenues are in the range of $8 to $20 per thousand impressions, with the price varying by the site’s traffic and the niche audience served.

Playwire is meant as a turnkey solution and can even be used on sites that don’t have any videos of their own. Video creators contribute videos to the platform’s “sandbox,” a back-end area for hosting content. Site owners can then pick appropriate content for their site. The platform first launched in private beta with between 30 and 40 sites, and already has a few thousand videos in the sandbox.

“We’re a YouTube for the B2B world,” says CEO Jayson Dubin.


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