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The Basics of Video Editing: Video 101

[1]The following lesson was created by Vimeo for its Vimeo Video School [2]. It’s used here with permission. Look for a new lesson each week.

Editing video clips together can be really fun, especially once you master a few basic features in your editing program. With a bit of patience and experimentation you’ll be producing smoothly edited videos in no time. For an overview of what you can do in a standard editing program watch the video below.

Here’s a recap of the main concepts you need to know to use a video editing program:

Wow, we covered a lot of stuff here! Give yourself sometime to let it all sink in, editing is a powerful skill and it takes time to learn it, but there’s no reason you can’t start out with a simple video project. Jump into it!

Remember to SAVE frequently, you don’t want to lose those precious edits!

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