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Get Your Own Streaming Channel on Ivi

Ivi TV is growing wild, adding new markets monthly, as well as new features like high-resolution streams. If you haven’t heard of Ivi (pronounced “ivy”) is a controversial startup cable system that’s grabbing over-the-air TV signals and streaming them to subscribers for $4.99 per month. So far it’s offering channels from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle, with many more to come.

Ivi is delivering more than just broadcast content, though: it also allows independent content creators the chance to have their own streaming channel.

We caught up with the creators of Ivi at a CES “tweetup,” where the company was featured as a hot new startup. The Ivi execs explained that anyone with a body of recorded shows or a 24/7 live feed can easily get their own channel on Ivi.

FashionTV, for example, recently began an Ivi channel in order to reach a U.S. audience. It will list for $7.99 per month as an a la carte selection to Ivi subscribers. Creators get from 50 to 70 percent of the cost, depending on what affiliate or marketing programs that agree to with Ivi. A la carte channels more often go for $.99 or $1.99 per month to Ivi viewers, or are free.

To get started, look to the Content Owners section of the Ivi site. If you already have a feed URL, it’s a simple matter of sending it to Ivi. If instead you have a body of recorded programs, you’ll need to use a program like Microsoft Windows Media Server or Apple QuickTime Server to create a playlist and stream your content.

Drop a note to Ivi to ask about pricing, if you’re interested. If the feed is for a nonprofit or charity, Ivi may well cut you a deal.


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  1. We are a small church that is seeking ways to expand our message. We would like to receive more information about your system, and how we could obtain a channel. Right know we are using Ustream to stream our services online but would love to expand. Thank you for your help.

    Posted by Samuel Kercado | January 11, 2011, 12:00 pm
  2. Hmmm — interesting…..It seems like new business models keep popping up all the time. This is very cool – we’re about to pull the trigger on our little content experiment, it is exciting to see new distribution options opening up.

    Posted by Stephen Self | January 11, 2011, 12:11 pm
  3. Would like to give it a try before paying for it…. A month trial would nice

    Posted by Travieso Sepulveda | January 20, 2011, 2:16 am
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