Financial Times Ramps Up Online Video Efforts: Video Report

[Editor’s Note: This article and video first appeared on Beet.TV, and we republish it here with kind permission.]

The Financial Times is expanding its efforts around online video with a new television studio in its London headquarters, new video staffers in its New York and Hong Kong bureaus, and by providing simple video cameras to its print reporters in the field.

While much of the FT articles are behind a subscription wall, videos remain free.

For an overview on the expansion of the FT’s plans and an overview on the value of video journalism, we spoke with Richard Edgar, the global head of video operations. He was in New York recently when we caught up with him.

Online Video Journalism Summit at The Washington Post on February 1

The editorial and business opportunities around online video journalism will be explored at our event at The Washington Post on Tuesday, February 1 from 9 – 11:30 ET.  We regret that Mr. Edgar is unable to join us, but delighted we have his comments here.


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