New Site, MyAdVideo, Makes Creating Online Video Easy

No knowledge, no problem. A new site from the Netherlands aims to make video creation as simple as possible. At MyVideoAd, users don’t need to know a thing about online video formats to create their own ad.

The site is so streamlined that users don’t even need to have video to edit. Instead, they choose from the short video clips on the site, rearranging them as needed. Those clips have text placeholders, where users can insert their own messages. Users can also add sound effects and audio fragments to their work.

If customers do have their own assets, whether videos, audio tracks, or images, they can upload those, as well, as use them when creating the video. They can also capture video from a webcam. Before finishing, they’ll have the ability to add transitions or other text layers.

“The video commercial marketplace is rapidly expanding. The time of text advertisements is long gone,” says Wil Huijben, MyAdVideo’s co-founder. “When customers are looking for company information, they first will try to find video material. MyAdVideo brings high-quality video commercials in reach of all companies through its affordable price structure. We will expand our offering of video and audio fragments further to give our customers more options and flexibility to build video commercials that help them attract customers and increase revenue.”

Pricing works on an a la carte basic, with each asset having its own price. Currently, video assets cost from €100 to €300, and audio assets €5.


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