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Need Help Creating Video? Check out the Vimeo Video School

Posted By Troy Dreier On December 20, 2010 @ 3:26 pm In Video Essentials | Comments Disabled

Vimeo [1] is known as a great place to host online videos, a creative environment with a great online community. Now, instead of just hosting quality videos, Vimeo is helping its viewers make them.

[2]For those looking to improve the quality of their online videos, video sharing site Vimeo has launched an impressive resource, Vimeo Video School [3]. The lessons are free and are useful for video creators of all skill levels, but especially so for those just starting out.

Vimeo Video School includes a series called “Video 101,” a series of clever and humorous original videos just for beginners. Those who have felt stumped looking for simple answers will appreciate the approach. Video 101 lessons include choosing a camera, shooting basics, and editing basics. You can then get more details on editing for either the Mac or Windows operating system.
Featured lessons in the virtual school cover basics such as capturing sound, framing a shot, and storyboarding. You can even learn how to work with Adobe After Effects and how to create a timelapse video.

Since DSLR shooting is a hot area, allowing you to get Hollywood-quality with a $700 camera, Vimeo Video School covers it thoroughly in a an eight-part series hosted by videographer Philip Bloom. Viewers learn how to shoot video with a DSLR, record sound, and shoot at night.

Besides highlighting original lessons, the Video School also links to hundreds of user-generated video tutorials created by Vimeo members. Videos are grouped into categories, such as Editing, Gear, and Lighting.

“Vimeo Video School is the next step in our continued commitment to provide a platform for people to learn from and inspire each other,” says Blake Whitman, director of community and product for Vimeo “By aggregating well-produced tutorials made by our members as well as creating light-hearted and informative lessons ourselves, we are making the process of creating videos easy and fun.”

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