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HTML5 Vs. Flash

When should you use HTML5 video and when should you use Flash Video?

[1]If you’re presenting online video, you want to be sure everyone can see it no matter their platform, device, or browser. While HTML5 video is a simpler solution, it doesn’t have all the features of Flash. Deciding between the two formats can be tricky.

As part of a series called “Ten Digital Trends for 2011,” [2] presented by Click Here, Inc, the digital marketing division of The Richards Group, Randy Bradshaw, Click Here’s director of technology, examined the differences between Flash and HTML5.

“It will most likely take some time before [HMTL5] is ‘ready for prime time,’” Bradshaw writes. He also notes that, for audio and video delivery, HTML5 “significantly reduces download times and, theoretically, reduces the load on the CPU.”

To help you decide one whether you should use Flash or HMTL5, Bradshaw offers these tips (quoted with permission):

When to Consider HTML5:

When to Stick with Flash:

You can view the entire trend report at Click Here’s site [2].