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Video Tutorials for Microsoft Silverlight

In July, we told you about Apple video tutorials that could help you deliver online video with your Mac. Now we’ve got a list of online videos that can help you learn and do more with Microsoft Silverlight. If you need help getting started, learn with these videos.

In putting this list together, we consulted with Ben Waggoner, Microsoft’s principal video strategist for Silverlight. Waggoner is the Silverlight Guru on, so if you have a specific question check out the column and drop him a note.

Naturally, Microsoft’s Silverlight site should be your first stop. The Learn section contains scores of videos for learning Silverlight. You can also look only at Silverlight 4 instructional videos. The Expression section will help you get started with Smooth Streaming. Developers should check out the Silverlight videos on MSDN’s Channel 9.

If you’re looking to get started with Silverlight development, Tim Heuer has created an excellent seven-part tutorial on his blog. Following the lessons is an excellent hour-and-a-half video walkthrough that takes you through all seven steps.

The previously mentioned Channel 9 also has a Silverlight Training course.

Finally, Waggoner highly recommends the five-part tutorial on live Smooth Streaming from The five parts include an introduction and sections on fundamentals, encoding, distribution, and playback.

Other Videos
A few quick topics you might want to learn:
Silverlight in 3D

• Creating end-to-end Smooth Streaming video

•  Embedding the video player

• Getting started with Smooth Streaming

Extending the Silverlight Media framework

Check back for a guide to Adobe Flash Video online video tutorials.


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