Product Launched Using Nothing but In-Stream Video Advertising

If you need proof that online video advertising is able to reach buyers, consider an experiment just conducted jointly by YuMe, ScanScout, and BBE, three video advertising networks. The trio teamed up in August to launch the HoodieBuddie, a hooded sweatshirt with built-in machine washable headphones integrated into the drawstrings. The only form of advertising for the new product was digital video.

The product was aimed at the 13- to 25-year-old demographic. After one month, HoodieBuddie had realized a 205 percent increase in brand awareness, a 76 percent increase in purchase intent, and a 62 percent increase in daily sales. Vizu brand lift studies typically see an 18.7 percent increase in awareness and a 12.1 percent increase in purchase intent.

The study found that 15-second pre-roll ads outperformed 30-second spots for brand awareness, but the 30-second spots were stronger for driving purchase intent. Surprisingly, the study found minimal ad fatigue from viewers, even after they’d seen the ad over 10 times.

“We are ecstatic over the successful launch of our HoodieBuddie line and were simply amazed that our partners were able to achieve such great success through the use of online video,” says Andrew Leigh, president of Jerry Leigh, the company that created the HoodieBuddie.


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