How to Attract Viewers to Your Videos

At the Online Video Platform summit, currently underway in Los Angeles, California, a first-day panel looked at strategies for attracting video viewers. Called “If You Publish It, Will They Come?” the panel included a diverse range of speakers, and examined some of the hot topics in video promotion.

Social networking played a big part in the discussion, as some reports are finding that social recommendations are more effective in luring visitors, and that viewers who were recommended a video by friends watch more of the video.

Patrick Starzan, the vice president of marketing for humorous video site Funny or Die said that his site reached out to audiences through Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and many more. Not only that, but it crafts a unique content strategy for each social network.

“We definitely approach each platform differently,” said Starzan. He explained that the site gives special access to social network members, making them feel they’re part of an exclusive club.

“It’s important to give users the ability to upload videos, as well,” said Mike Sommers, the executive vice president of KickApps. Letting them upload their own videos makes them a part of the experience, a partner in creating the site.

“The name of the game now is friend engine optimization,” Sommers said. He also urged that video sharing should be “dead simple,” with viewers able to share videos with one click.

Content creators should take the focus off their follower counts, said Frank Sinton, the CEO of MeFeedia, and instead work to create an engaged audience. A smaller audience that’s actively engaged with the content is better than a larger audience that isn’t.

Sinton also recommended that all video publishers create and maintain video sitemaps in order to drive search traffic, and keep page load times light.

“If it doesn’t load and they see a blank spot, then they’ll think it’s broken,” Sinton said.

Viewers decide if they’re going to view videos based on the title and thumbnail, said Adam Singolda, the founder and CEO of Taboola, and they only spend a fraction of a second making that decision. Refine both to make videos look intriguing at first glance.

The Summit concludes this afternoon.


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