With Doovle and Intrasonics, Your Videos Can Talk to Viewers’ Cell Phones

Imagine that a viewer is watching one of your videos on his or her desktop or laptop computer. At a certain point, the video sends a message to that viewer’s cell phone, a message that the viewer is unaware of. Moments later, an offer for your product or service pops up on the viewer’s phone, offering a special price and pointing the way to a nearby location.

That’s the promise of Intrasonics, a Cambridge-based company that’s made a solution for iPhones and will soon make one for Android phones, as well. To get the mobile content, viewers will have to download and run a free app called Euphonium, which is in the iTunes Store. They’ll need to run the app before starting the video, so the on-screen results don’t exactly happen as if by magic.

The technology is now offered to clients of Doovle, a London-based online video platform.

“We are extremely pleased to be showcasing this exciting technology and are already in early stage discussion with two broadcasters. Deployment was straight forward,” said Stephen Anderson, Doovle’s CEO.

If you’re interested in testing out the service, watch these demonstration videos. You’ll need to have Euphonium on your iPhone first.


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