Video Sells: Lessons for E-commerce Sites

If you run a shopping site, are you neglecting the power of online video? Many sites are, says a research report from SundaySky. The report, titled State of Video in E-commerce, found that 65 percent of retailers use video on their sites, which means that fully a third have no video at all.

Even though 65 percent of retailers have some video on their site, that doesn’t mean they’re using it to its best advantage. The study found that only 25 percent of the top 200 video-enabled e-commerce sites have more than 10 videos indexed.

YouTube is the largest video site on the Net by far, and yet 24 percent of retailers have no videos on YouTube. Compare that with 42 percent that use YouTube actively and have more than one million video views.

While mobile video is a hot topic for video professionals, the area still causes a lot of confusion for online retailers. The study found that mobile versions of shopping sites had no videos and that regular versions of shopping sites usually contain videos that don’t play on mobile devices. The study couldn’t find any site with a significant HTML5 video deployment, and the vast majority of videos available wouldn’t play on Apple’s iOS devices.

Another area that online retailers need to be aware of is the growing importance of social networks, especially Facebook. Only half of the retailers studied had uploaded 10 video or more to Facebook. Sharing paid off, though: videos often get hundreds or thousands of fans, likes, and comments, the study found.

This report was the second of its kind created by SundaySky, a Tel Aviv-based business that creates dynamically-generated video for e-commerce sites. The report looked at the third quarter of 2010.

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