To Gain Viewers, Use the Power of Social Networks

How can you best get people to view your company’s videos? Get their friends to recommend them.

A new study by The Diffusion Group (TDG) found that social network recommendations are strong motivators when it comes to any type of online or offline media. In fact, 90 percent of all social network users told the study that they’d read, viewed, or listened to music, books, TV shows, or movies in the last half-year due to the recommendations of friends in their online social network.

“These electronic environments have become ‘virtual water coolers,’ places where consumers share not only personal stories but opinions regarding certain products and services,” says Michael Greeson, founding partner of TDG and a co-author of the study.

The study, titled Social Network Recommendations and Media Consumption—A Consumer Snapshot, identifies groups it calls Engagers and Non-Engagers, and Buyers and Non-Buyers. Engagers have consumed media based on a friend’s recommendations and Buyers have purchased media based on a friend’s recommendations.

Engagers, it found, are more likely to be young, are twice as likely to have spent more than $30 on pay TV VoD in the past six months, and are more likely to use online movie services like Netflix. Engagers are also more likely to rent movies or shows online and are more likely to be influenced by automated recommendation engines, such as the one used on Amazon.

Essentially, the study found that attracting attention to your videos means paying attention to Facebook. Keep social networking in your plans and encourage viewers to Like or tweet about your videos.


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