Getty Images Offers Prizes for Video Remixers in Mishmash Contest

Do you excel at remixing video? Are you a secret pro at finding just the right shots and tying them to a driving beat? If so, you should know about the Mishmash video remix contest currently being held by Getty Images.

The Mishmash contest was first established to discover the music video producers of the future. This contest is for people who really want to excel at remixing: contestants can have their work critiqued by some of the most prominent names in the industry, including Jeroen Bours, CEO and founder of Darling Agency; John Noble, executive producer and managing director of One at Optimus, and Nathalie Humphreys, head of specialist factual at Shine Television.

Contest entries need to be between one and three minutes long. At least half of the images and videos in your entry need to be from Getty Images’ collection. Additionally, all the audio must be from Pump Audio. Offer 250,000 tracks, including full songs and samples, are available. Look here for more contest information. Winners will get MacBook Pro with editing software.

To learn what makes a great remix, we talked with Andrew Delaney, head of content for Getty Images. He offered these five tips:

Be Impactful
Making an impact doesn’t just mean fast-cutting. Your finished video needs to have a strong lyrical quality to stand out, and it needs to succeed both visually and aurally. The images and the music need to fit together, but whether you go for a pleasing or jarring effect is up to you.

Be Personal
You want the viewer to identify with the story you’re doing, and that means looking to your own personal experiences.

Make it Fun
This isn’t a class chore. You should have a blast making your remix and that fun should be communicated to the viewers (and the judges). Think of clever juxtapositions of images that you can create. Delaney suggests blending cutting-edge technical images with archival works.

Have a Strong Narrative
You don’t want to simply create an interesting set of images; you want to tell a story. Think of a unique, heart-wrenching story that only you can tell. You want to get an emotional response from your viewer.

Go Real or Surreal
Stretch your muscles and think what kind of a world you want to communicate. Will it be grounded in this world or full of crazy, odd explorations? Decide on a direction and go as far with it as you can.

If you’re ready to enter, look here for more information on the Getty Images Mishmash remix competition. The deadline is October 31. By the way, check out some previous winners for inspiration.


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  1. Yes This competition is great check out this PSA on Bullying I created for the contest.

    Posted by Star | November 18, 2010, 10:41 am
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