Apps Let Video-Makers Tap the Power of BitTorrent

If you think BitTorrent is all about illegal file-sharing, you haven’t seen it lately. While peer-to-peer technology enables a lot of underground sharing, it also provides a tremendously efficient method for delivering video and other large files. In early September, BitTorrent introduced a new version of its sharing client, BitTorrent Mainline 7.1, and with it a new feature: apps.

This version is available to Windows users from the BitTorrent homepage (apps aren’t available on the Mac client yet). Included apps helps users discover great content they can download right from their torrent client. At launch, BitTorrent Mainline included 11 apps, including one by Virus Guard for downloading a copy of the anti-virus utility.

In late September, BitTorrent announced two new apps for Mainline users, including one that let users download video of lectures from TED, the nonprofit organization devoted to “ideas worth spreading.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with BitTorrent to bring TEDTalks to millions of new viewers,” said June Cohen, executive producer of TED Media. “TED’s mission is to spread ideas, and BitTorrent’s new apps platform will amplify our work really powerfully, reaching a large and engaged audience who may be new to TED.”

The second new app, Zulu Music, allows users to discover and download music.

The apps platform is open to developers, and allows for easy extensibility through a simple API. Anyone with JavaScript knowledge can create an app. If you have video content that appeals to a younger, more technologically-driven audience, consider peer-to-peer delivery and a BitTorrent app.

“Apps are a significant new discovery mechanism for our users, and an exciting new way for developers to build awesome functionality for our users,” said Eric Klinker, CEO at BitTorrent. “This is our first step as part of a broader strategic effort to bridge the divide between creators and consumers. Many software and gaming companies are finding success with a ‘freemium’ philosophy, and with over 14 million BitTorrent Mainline users, apps are an ideal distribution platform for this new generation of developers and creators.”


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