Ultra-Easy Cloud-Based OVP Dovie Takes Flight

Is there room in the already crowded online video platform (OVP) space for another company? The answer is yes if that company can deliver the low cost and simple cloud-based services of Dovie.

Dovie aims to combine features easy enough for complete online video neophytes with service robust enough for enterprise. The company beta launched on September 15.

Introductory plans with Dovie start at $29 per month, and all of the service’s features are available to all users. There’s no contract required and no set-up fee.

Cartoonish controls on the cloud interface make using Dovie simple, almost more like a game. Even beginners should be able to manage their videos and playlists, the company promises.

Dovie offers features found with more expensive OVPs, including detailed analytics, HTML5-ready video players, and dynamic playlists. Dovie also works with major ad networks, so content providers can begin generating revenue at once.

“Dovie was developed to empower the non-technical user to deliver online video to all platforms and make money at it. We worked really hard to find the right balance between simplicity and power, so new users and experienced pros will both have a tool they can really use. While we didn’t reinvent the wheel, we did create a new class of video web app that is much more than a website full of forms,” says Michael Millard, chief technical officer of Dovie, Inc.

“We saw HTML5 coming, so we didn’t develop Dovie with Flash as the center of our embedding system, but as one component of a larger solution built on HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. The result is a system that allows users to completely customize their embeds and delivers the same experience to every platform,” Millard adds.


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