Tunepresto Creates Royalty-free Soundtracks; Looking for Beta Testers

Tunepresto is a new online music-maker, and it’s looking for volunteers to help test the service.

Tunepresto was formerly known as Abaltat, and the company released desktop-based music software under that name. This is its first Web-based music service. The site is currently in beta, and is looking for volunteers to help “test drive the new online platform,” according to the company.

To create a soundtrack, you only need to upload your video and choose a music style. Tunepresto then creates a royalty-free soundtrack.

The new online service was first announced on September 9, and the beta program was opened up on September 16. Perhaps few people are taking advantage of it, because Tunepresto put out another call for beta testers today.

Users can join the beta program by clicking the site’s Make Music link.

Despite being a beta tester, don’t expect to get anything for free out of this. Tunepresto sells its finished soundtracks and there’s no indication that beta testers get a free download. There’s also no indication of how much finished soundtracks cost, either. A call to the press office wasn’t immediately returned. If anyone gets into the beta program, leave a note in the comments telling how much finished soundtracks cost.

Compositions created with Tunepresto can be exported in a variety of formats or customized in Apple Garageband.


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