Magnify Offers Price Drop for Pro Customers

Magnify‘s Pro customers might be saving a few dollars off their monthly bills, thanks to recently instituted price changes.

Under the old price structure, Pro customers paid $49.95 per month for 5,000 page views on their sites when using the Ad Share plan. With Ad Share, Magnify serves the ads on a customer’s site and splits the revenue 50-50 with the site owner. With the just-announced price changes, customers pay $39.95 for the same 5,000 views.

The second change involves the same number of page views, 5,000, with the Ad Buyout option. Under the old pricing, customers paid $74.95 for 5,000 views with Ad Buyout; under the new plan, they pay only $49.95. With the Ad Buyout option, Magnify doesn’t show any ads before a customer’s videos, letting the customer have complete control over what ads are shown.

These changes further previous Magnify efforts to get more customers involved in selling and controlling their own ads.

The pricing changes only effect the 5,000 page view level of service.

“We believe that the new Ad Buyout package is the best bang for you buck, as you’ll be able to control all of the advertisements on your page to maximize your revenue!” says the Magnify announcement.


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