ePark10 Offers ClickStreamTV Platform to Small Businesses and Religious Organizations

ePark10, a search engine marketing agency based in Orland Park, Ill., today announced that it is partnering with ClickStreamTV to offer that company’s online video platform services to its current and future customers, most of whom are small businesses and religious organizations.

“When video is part of your online marketing campaign, your conversion rate goes up, which translates into more customers and revenue customers,” says Ron Goodman, digital marketing consultant at ePark10. He noted that in June 2010, more than 84% of the U.S. internet audience viewed online video.

“We looked at the ClickStreamTV automated system and saw a fantastic fit for churches and ministries,” Goodman adds. “The do-it-ourself automated system will allow any church to reach their community and even grow their reach to new members easily.”

The ClickStreamTV interface offers a step-by-step wizard that guides users through uploading, encoding, publishing, and archiving video content. It also offers player customization and the ability to add elements including links, text files, or PDF files to the player.


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