Zeitbyte Debuts Customizable Webcast Tool

Making webcasting a little simpler, Zeitbyte Digital Media has released its own self-provisioning webcast product. “Self-provisioning” means that customers can initiate webcasts by themselves. Zeitbyte will provide the player, bandwidth, and knowledge, while customers will need to provide the camera and encoder.

After a webcast is finished, Zeitbyte’s system can archive the content and make it available in a playlist. Customers can stream video non-stop around the clock, if they want.

Zeitbyte built the tool from scratch with customization and ease-of-use in mind. Usage starts at $100 per month, and every client gets individual training, so they’re comfortable using it.

“Our internal team has spent months developing this highly flexible product to meet the needs and requests of our clients,” says Kevin Brail, Zeitbyte’s co-founder and chief operating officer. “The fact that we’ve built our product to be highly customizable, depending on each clients’ needs, is what truly makes it stand out from the cookie-cutter solutions that are on the market today. We have built this product on over three years of experience; we think people will like how simple we make it. We spend a few hours with each client setting up the account and making sure everything is operating correctly.”

The target customer is experienced in video production, but needs a no-fuss way to get that content online.

“Our goal with this product is to empower our clients to have complete control over their live content,” says Jules Levitt, director of sales at Zeitbyte. “We hope that this solution will help in-house production departments easily stream their video content. Many facilities have the expertise to run a video production, but lack the knowledge or resources to handle the Internet side of the equation. This is a cost-effective solution for people who want to run webcasts but do not want to rely on sites like Ustream or We provide a level of service and control over your video delivery that these companies simply won’t provide.”

Prior to release, Zeitbyte’s webcasting tool was beta tested with The Well, a young adult ministry based in New Jersey.

“We first came to Zeitbyte Digital Media to fulfill our need for a custom branded player for our growing library of media assets. We were seeking a simple way to showcase or library as well as post weekly video content to our website” says Pastor Chris Morante of The Well. “Zeitbyte spent a good deal of time listening to our needs and they were able to deliver a product we are proud to use.”

The tool was also beta tested with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, which signed on because of the customization options.

“Some of the big players like Ustream and force their clients to put content to their site. It was important to us to have the content embedded on our own site,” says operation manager Danish Aftab. “We also had a variety of requirements that were unique to our business. Zeitbyte was the only company that was willing to take the time to really work with us and meet our individual needs instead of trying to force us into some cookie cutter mold.”

To get a feel for how the webcasting tool works in action, visit either site, then visit Zeitbyte for more information.


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