thePlatform Delivers New Tools for Creating Video Feeds

Earlier this year, video management and publishing company thePlatform unveiled mpx Beta, a system for managing large libraries of video content, as well as pushing videos to an expanding number of devices and set-top boxes. Now, the company is enhancing mpx Beta’s tools for managing curated video feeds, supporting advertising policies, and enforcing viewing restrictions on shows and live events.

The new Feeds service in mpx Beta promises to give content owners more control over how their videos are presented. They can create static or dynamic playlists within a feed, and pin popular content to the top of a playlist.

Those using the mpx Beta’s feeds to syndicate video to partners can now enforce advertising policies and usage restrictions to all content in the feed. It ensures that the correct ads are played and that views are limited to that partner.

While thePlatform already allowed customers to set broad geographical restrictions, the mpx Beta allows for more granular control. Customers can now restrict viewing by region or area code, for example. They can also set expiration dates and restrict by IP address.

As for the advertising tools, customers can now manage multiple advertising policies from within the mpx Beta console.

Interested parties might want to check out thePlatform’s new white paper on best practices for securing content.

In a related announcement, thePlatform’s mpx Beta was chosen by the Outdoor Channel to manage videos for

“ is currently attracting approximately one million unique visitors per month. thePlatform’s proven video publishing system will provide us with a simpler, scalable, and robust back-end to serve our viewers’ appetite for our authentic outdoor content,” says Todd Merkow, president of digital media at Outdoor Channel.


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