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The Five Steps to Being Successful in Online Video

Steve Garfield is a video blogging pioneer and has advised Fortune 500 brands like AT&T, Kodak, Nokia, and Panasonic. We’re thrilled to present this excerpt from his book Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.

1. Publish on a regular basis.
This lets people know that they can expect new videos at a certain interval.

2. Set your videos free.
Publish to more than one location. This lets your videos organically find their audience. You might get a loyal following on some smaller niche video sites, but those viewers could turn out to be your most ardent supporters who end up spreading the word about you. Also make sure your videos are easy to share by providing sharing features like embed codes, “tweet this” buttons, and “e-mail this” links.

3. Be real.
Make videos about something that you are passionate about. Gary Vaynerchuk has become extremely popular by producing a daily show about wine. He’s an expert on that. He produces his show with one camera, one light, in one take. Web video can be produced at little cost. You can hire production crews or learn production to make your videos look like TV or Hollywood productions, and that’s fine, but you can also try to do something different. Give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work with you or your company. You can be real. Viewers will appreciate it.

4. Have a conversation.
The immediacy of web video allows you to connect with your viewers. They’ll be able to comment back in many different ways including text, audio, photo, and video. Encourage that communication. Incorporate viewer content in your videos. The wisdom of the audience is great and you’ll be richer for sharing with them. Tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Seesmic allow you to engage in rich communication.

5. Listen.
Even more important than focusing on your message, listen to the market. Listen to your customers. Listen to your audience to see what they are saying. See what they want and provide that. See what they want to share and help them get seen.

Excerpted with permission from the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., from Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, by Steve Garfield. Copyright © 2010 by Steve Garfield.


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