Soholaunch and ClickStreamTV Make Online Video Easy for Small Biz

Removing the complexity of adding video for small businesses, site builder Soholaunch has partnered with ClickStreamTV.

Soholaunch is a website builder for small businesses, nonprofits, and religious groups. It makes creating sites easy for those with no technical background. Since even smaller sites want to serve video these days, it’s partnered with ClickStreamTV, an online video platform that serves small- and medium-sized businesses.

Customers of Soholaunch can now upload, manage, and integrate videos into their sites using one central management system. They’ll have the option of creating their own video player by using a template or starting from scratch. They can also upload company logos to brand the player, and add links or PDFs for download.

ClickStreamTV will automatically detect the correct format for each viewer and stream the appropriate video file, so customers don’t need to worry about creating different formats. Whether viewers are on smartphones or desktop computers, they’ll see the correctly formatted video.

“On-demand video is necessary today to create an acceptable, even expected, site visitor experience,” says Jim Buckler, CEO of “Soholaunch is excited about making ClickStreamTV’s affordable and powerful video management system tool an easy to use option.”


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