Small Biz Offers Help with YouTube Channels

While online video professionals might think of YouTube as online video with training wheels, it can still be a challenge for those with no video experience. How do you shoot video that looks professional? What’s the best easy editing program? How do you upload your work and get people to notice it? For someone just trying to grow a local businesses, it can be daunting.

Perhaps as a sign that companies will step in to fill that niche, Speaker Media and Marketing of West Chester, Pennsylvania, has announced a turnkey package for local businesses that will get them a YouTube channel.

The company is headed by Cindy Speaker, who works at creating marketing strategies and leveraging social media. Clients include the nonprofit Operation Well Worth It, which works to provide clean drinking water.

Speaker offers a turnkey package that includes the creation of original web shows and a social media campaign. While it’s not clear from her site what exactly that includes or how much it costs, she promises low costs.

“We cut out the middleman and we own the facility, so we can keep our costs modest and still make a profit,” says Speaker. “We really have a turn-key solution here for producing and distributing video content and Web TV shows.”

It could well be an emerging trend in small businesses. While large video sites like Hulu make the headlines, corner shops need help getting a toe in the world of digital video. If you’re a small businessperson looking for ways to start, dig around for a local branding and YouTube specialist.


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  1. My company has also found success in working with small business clients, such as realtors, consultants, solopreneurs, and restaurants. We offer them branded YouTube Channels, video production, and podcasts, as well as cross-promotion on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

    We began this part of our business when we wanted video for our company and couldn’t find a videographer in our area who charged rates we could afford ($5000 for a 30 second video was one quote) or that who had examples of their work on YouTube. Because of our difficulty in obtaining quotes, we decided to post our rates for video on our website.

    We found a real niche for in our business in offering affordable video, and it is also an enjoyable and creative way to get to know our clients in highly personal way, who often purchase other marketing services from us.

    Another side benefit? We can convince them to record video testimonials for our company during the shoot, which we include on our own YouTube site.

    Posted by Mary Fletcher Jones | August 10, 2010, 11:26 am
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