BrightRoll Offers Targeted Video Ads through Magnetic Partnership

To understand the benefits of what the video advertising network BrightRoll is now offering, you’ll have to learn a new phrase: search re-targeting. It sounds a little creepy, but it makes for more successful ad campaigns. Search re-targeting means remembering what users searched on, then using that data to serve them appropriate ads later on. So if you search for new car information, search re-targeting would lead to you seeing ads for cars sometime in the future.

Yahoo was the first big company to offer search re-targeting, but then Magnetic followed. Magnetic, which launched in March of this year, gathers Google and Yahoo search information from partner sites, and collects that information in its own vast database of 270 million user profiles.

BrightRoll is today announcing a partnership with Magnetic, allowing its advertisers to use that data to serve re-targeted video ads. If you’re an advertiser, that means a greater likelihood that your ads will reach viewers interested in your type of product.

“We view search re-targeting as a valuable tool that allows advertisers to reach specific consumers who will be most receptive to their brand messages,” says Tod Sacerdoti, BrightRoll’s CEO. “By combining Magnetic’s targeting technology with our video advertising platform, we’re able to solve the needs of our advertisers by delivering targeted campaigns at scale with a high return on investment.”


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