YouTube’s Mobile Site Beats the Apps

If you need any proof that mobile video is taking off—and that you should always distribute with YouTube—look to the improvements YouTube has made to its mobile site.

Available at, YouTube Mobile is coded in HTML5 and works equally well on Apple iOS and Google Android phones. The site performs quickly, makes searching easy by suggesting words and phrases as you type, and incorporates YouTube’s current Like and Dislike ratings systems.

Most articles on the new site have contrasted how much better it performs, and how many more features it offers, than the iPhone’s native YouTube app. That app is slower and doesn’t offer the current ratings system. It’s coded by Apple, which has been slow to update the app, while the mobile site is written by Google.

iPhone users who want quick access to the mobile site can open it in Safari, hit the “plus” icon at the bottom of the screen, and select Add to Home Screen. They’ll get a colorful YouTube app icon that takes them to the site with one touch.

On its blog, YouTube announced that video playback on mobile devices rose 160 percent in 2009 over the previous year, and that YouTube Mobile currently serves over 100 million videos per day.

“As the world continues to go mobile, we think this is a great improvement for users who want a more consistent YouTube across many devices, no matter where they are,” says the blog post.


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