Veeple Intros the Interactive Video Browser Bar

Interactive video provider Veeple has added one more element for its customers to add clickable objects to videos: an interactive video browser bar. When customers add the bar to their videos, a row of clickable buttons appears at the top of the video, not above it. The bar is an overlay, and is transparent so the video shows behind it.

When the bar is in use, customers know that wherever their videos are embedded, a row of contextual buttons will travel with it. The company describes the experience as “a mini traveling web page.”

The advantage of this type of element over other clickable objects that Veeple provides is that it’s not obtrusive: viewers can easily ignore the buttons or click them if they want information. The toolbar isn’t animated, so there’s no distracting motion.

Customers can modify their browser bar so that viewers see a new set of buttons for each video. That makes the buttons on the bar more relevant, since they apply specifically to that subject.

The browser bar hasn’t been added to Veeple’s content management system yet, so customers will need to download the buttons and the necessary instructions from Veeple. The download is a zip file, and included instructions tell how to add the bar to videos. Veeple has also made a 23-minute video tutorial.


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