Get Better Search Results from Google with a Video Sitemap

We’re getting into “eyes glaze over” territory here, but stay with us because this involves a simple way you can get more viewers for your videos. Google wants you to use a video sitemap to help it find your videos, and it just posted a video explaining how to do it.

The video is called “Introduction to Video Sitemaps” and it’s hosted by Nelson Lee, product manager for video search at Google. In it, he explains that if you have a video sitemap for your online videos, Google will be better able to index them and send you visitors.

To create a sitemap, Lee explains that you’ll need five pieces of information for each video: the title, description, page URL, thumbnail image URL, and raw video file location.

The video doesn’t go into what you actually do with that information, but you’ll need to create and sign into a Google webmaster account (you can use your existing Gmail sign-in), add your site, then follow the instructions to create a video sitemap and submit it.

While it all seems like a lot of work, the increased Google search traffic is worth it. The Google page with the new explanatory video links to a case study telling how the Discovery Channel increased video viewing by 123 percent after starting with video sitemaps.


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  1. Thanks Troy! I see what you mean about the ‘eyes glaze over’ aspect, but here at Invodo (full disclosure: yep, I work here) we find them very worth doing for our clients. The process isn’t hard to learn once logged into one’s webmaster account. If you’re doing it on your own, scalability is the hard part. It’s easy to do for a few videos, hard to do if you have 100’s or more of product videos, each bringing strong SEO benefit.

    Posted by Russ Somers | July 17, 2010, 10:25 am
  2. We have a ton of video content, but we usually upload to youtube then embed into related blogs. (Usually we’re doing product/app reviews, and our video review goes into the text review.) Is there any value in doing this if the clip itself is offsite with google/youtube already?

    Posted by Ryan Ritchey | July 20, 2010, 8:21 pm
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