Connected TVs will Surge: Aim Your Videos for the Living Room

With the rise of smartphones and tablet computers, it can be hard to know where your target viewer is watching. A new report suggests that you should plan on your viewer using the biggest screen in the house. Web-enabled TVs are poised for massive growth.

A report by Display Search suggests that the dream of easy TV connectivity is finally here. The report surveyed the 2010 product ranges from leading TV-makers and found that 55 percent of TVs on sale in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and India will be Internet-enabled. This should translate into 45 million connected televisions, or 19 percent of all flat panels shipped in 2010.

Display search sees that figure rising sharply for the next few years, climbing to 119 million sets, or 42 percent of all TVs shipped worldwide in 2014.

While hardware growth will help the online video industry, wireless caps threaten to strangle it. iSuppli, a tech research company, sees the limits that AT&T recently placed on wireless streaming as a dangerous development for the streaming video industry. AT&T stopped offering unlimited data plans for new subscribers at the end of last month, choosing to offer two capped price plans.

iSuppli’s report says that the caps will make it difficult for streaming video companies to develop an audience.


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  1. This is great news – I’ve been writing and speaking about this since 2006.

    The easy way to deal with ATT is to jailbreak your phone and go somewhere else. When they lose 40-50% of their wireless customers, they’ll switch back to unlimited plans and stop acting like the morons that they are…

    Posted by Scott Dennison | July 27, 2010, 10:43 pm
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