VMIX Offers Demo App to Speed iPad Development

Would you like to have your own video app for the Apple iPad? Well, online video platform VMIX just made it a little easier. Today, the company announced the release of an open-source video gallery demo application for the iPad.

To use the demo, developers will need to sign up for a free trial account with VMIX, then download the code. It includes everything needed to create a custom app that streams videos.

The release was timed to coincide with Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next week. Sorenson Media made a similar announcement a few weeks back, when it debuted a customizable framework for creating video apps quickly.

“What is key,” says Greg Kostello, VMIX’s co-founder and CTO, “is that behind this small application, you have the larger VMIX framework—the platform’s ability to scale and manage millions of videos from mobile devices every month; the ability to deliver a wide variety of video formats as part of a single, automated workflow; the years of business experience and the technical support you need to get mobile video done right.”

VMIX has also announced that it will release a software development kit next month to streamline app creation for the Apple iPad, iPhone, Google Android phones, and other mobile devices.

“Whether you’re a national media outlet looking to highlight media in different locales or a brand manager seeking to target your audience with interactive campaigns, video-enabled mobile apps have become a critical channel and your technical team doesn’t have time to re-invent the wheel,” says Kostello.


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