News Changes Services, Adds More for Pro Users’s mid-tier customers will find much to like in the platform changes announced today. According to a blog post on the company’s changes, felt it needed to do more to keep its Pro customers happy and help them generate income. is both a video host and curator, where customers can load their own videos, show videos stored elsewhere in the Magnify network, and invite viewers to upload their own work. The company offers Free, Pro, and Enterprise levels of service.

With today’s changes, Pro users can now encode their videos at 1200Kbps (with adaptive bandwidth delivery), up from 480Kbps. They also now get access to full analytics information, can give their channels a more professional branded look, and can generate more income with video pre-roll ads .

The older system offered extras with a la carte pricing, but that model wasn’t successful, says’s community manager Filip Szymanski. Clients, the company learned, prefer to buy one package and not worry about extras.

The Pro account costs $9.95 per month for 1,000 page views, or $14.95 per month if the client wants to serve all the ads (otherwise, will serve half of them).

While still has a free level of service, it’s now called Free/Basic and its offerings are more limited. Video is now encoded at 400Kbps, down from 480Kbps, and the player will only show the most recent 200 videos in the client’s library. Additionally, while the client can still set up automatic video searches to populate their channel with relevant content, they can now only set up five searches and those will be updated approximately once a week.

The goals of the changes are to get customers invested in selling their own ads, since they can now buy out their ad inventory for a lower price, and to convert smaller businesses to paid customers, so that the Free/Basic service is just for hobbyists.

Free users are being given one month of Pro service, so they can try it out.

“When Free was originally conceived three-and-a-half years ago, it was a revenue share model. We’ve come to believe that publishers do a better job of selling their inventory than we do of selling undifferentiated inventory,” says Steve Rosenbaum,’s founder and CEO.


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  1. That’s a bad move. Most free users on magnify just linked to video on google, youtube, dailymotion….etc. Those XML list’s didn’t cost magnify a penny, yet they earned cash with the ads on the embedded video pages. The recent downgrade of free channels, inludes that magnify now trashes (moving them to inaccessable archives) any videos that are more then 200 in number. By this they reduce most of their own popular content (and revenue)as many visitors where attracted by the thousends of videos curated and sorted by genre and contend. This would be like blooger or myspace saying that you can can only post 200 articles, after that you got to upgrade to pro.In addition, deleting all your previous work. I also disagree that $24.95 a month is a pretty low barrier to enter for what they offer.Magnify claims “we curate video” – wrong: it’s been always the free magnify users that curated video.They did all the work. Why would they pay now? To not have their work of years destroyed? Now magnify has killed the idea of user curation by their aggressive marketing strategies. RIP magnify and welcome to the greedy Ferengi Nation. Regards, John

    Posted by John Perkins | July 10, 2010, 11:39 am
  2. My 2,000 videos are now unavailable, thanks for this great idea. I have to leave Magnify now, i will offer my content to another host.

    Posted by Milo Retiv | July 15, 2010, 3:07 am
    • That is not the way any trustworthy company treats it’s customers.I just read elsewhere, when the free users (actually all) where offered the pro package as a trial, google ads where disabled (on purpose) in order to fool people into thinking and ad buy out is actually worth anything these days…everyone can see behind these sneaky “business strategies” which are “deception” really ..

      Posted by Samuel Kotzberg | July 24, 2010, 6:13 pm
  3. This can only fail, specially the destruction of peoples work will not be well received by the community.

    Posted by Billy Owens | July 24, 2010, 1:37 am
    • Let’s face it – people never earned anything more then a few web cents with their magnify channels – these are NOT small businesses at all. Why would someone upload their videos on at 1200Kbps if other companies offer a better service for free? It’s always been the nice integrated video curation tools that powered’s popularity – not any ad share or hosting aything else.By making all user agravated content unavailiable, has destroyed effectively what they stood for: Curated content

      Posted by Eliyas Goldblum | July 24, 2010, 6:34 pm
      • Before anyone judges too harshly, let me tell you that the comments from John, Samuel, Billy, and Elyias all come from the same IP address.

        Posted by Troy Dreier | July 27, 2010, 12:28 am
  4. All my hard work (3+ years) down the drain. I am VERY displeased with Magnify and will no longer be using their service.

    I, like many other channel owners, feel tricked and deceived. First, they put xxx PORN ads on my family-friendly channel that had KIDS on it (they removed them after I complained)! And now this nonsense move.

    Just to note, they no longer have anything to do with porn or porn ads. That was another trick they used a while back to lure in new channel owners. They lured them by allowing people to set up adult/porn channels. That obviously brought in a crapload of new people, users and traffic. Then they suddenly deleted the adult-related channels without notice. Total dick move.

    Bottom line, I do not trust them as far as I can throw ’em.

    Posted by Aaron | July 28, 2010, 6:09 pm
  5. I echo Aaron’s comments.

    Magnify’s abrupt change in policy, particulalry archiving (holding hostage, really) all videos over 200, was not a fair way to deal with those that helped build it. No announcement of this policy, they just DID IT. Now, no one can post to the “free” site because the archived files are held against the total – basically rendering the site noninteractive.

    Way to go, Magnify.

    Posted by Lincoln | August 24, 2010, 12:25 am
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