iPhone Users Can Monitor Video Content with Vzaar

You don’t need to be in the office to update your site’s videos. Not if you’re a Vzaar customer, that is. The London-based online video provider has just released an app called Vzaar Video App, currently available for free download in the iTunes Store, that lets clients monitor their videos’ performance and even make changes.

Use the Vzaar Video App (iTunes link) and you can upload new content at any time. The app is built on Vzaar’s Objective-C Framework API that lets developers create video apps quickly. The company announced the framework just last month.

“We built this app to test our new objective-C framework that allows developers to use our video platform API when creating video apps for Apple mobile devices. We are very pleased with the outcome and it means our customers can upload video to their site directly from their mobile phones,” says Vzaar CEO Stephen McClusky,

The app also lets you watch your videos on-the-go, but video playback currently only works over wi-fi connections. The company says that HTTP live streaming is in development and will allow playback over 3G connections.

For more on Vzaar’s API, check out the company’s developer hub.


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