How to Get Started with HandBookLive

Consumer portal HandBookLive has been around for two years, but it’s just now beginning its major media push. It took time to get enough major brands to sign on to make the site feel like a useful consumer resource, the company says.

Now that its really becoming known, you might want to follow DeWalt, Sonos, American Express, and General Motors and get on board. HandBookLive is a central location for product manuals in video form, where consumers can turn when they need answers about a product or service.

It’s a centralized library of videos with a consistent, helpful interface. Each product or service on theĀ  site has at least three videos associated with it: an introduction, a segment on basic features, and a quickstart guide. Companies are free to add other videos, as needed.

To list your own helpful videos on HandBookLive, create an account and choose your level of service. You can start with a free account, which lets you post your videos and divide them into chapters. It also lets you add supporting text next to each chapter, with links to other HandBookLive videos and contact information. You’ll get access to basic statistics on how many impressions and plays your content had.

For a little more ($8.25 per month), you can get a Silver account. This gives you the ability to brand your player with a logo and add off-site links in the text below your video. You can also add a Buy button. Advanced statistics show data for each individual video, tell you where people stopped watching, give geographical user data, and tell you the keywords used to find your content.

The Gold level of service ($18.55 per month) lets you syndicate your HandBookLive videos to your own site, so you can play them on your pages.

Finally, the Platinum level ($36.85 per month) lets you syndicate your videos to any site, so that retailers selling your products or services can play them, as well.

Look here for more on the pricing plans, or click here for HandBookLive’s getting started information for companies. Get ideas by browsing around the site to see what other companies are doing with HandBookLive.


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