Get the Data to Improve Your Views: Ooyala Offers Enhanced Analytics

Analytics is the next hot area for online video platforms (OVPs). While many of them have similar prices and features, the smarter ones are improving their analytics offerings so customers get better access to useful data.

If user information is crucial to you, you’re going to want to take a look at Ooyala‘s just-announced analytics platform.

Ooyala just transitioned to the open source Apache Cassandra database management system so that it could offer more granular data to clients, as well as faster access to that data. The result is that clients can new view more than 500 new reports on their hosted videos, and can drill down into that data. You can easily see what countries are viewing your videos, for example, then drill down to the state or city level.

While the data itself is impressive, the new user interface is what makes this really useful. The analytics maps and settings make looking at your data simple and even fun. Mouse over the maps to get information on whatever region you’re on. Click to drill down. You can also view data in a tabular form, if you prefer, or combine multiple results on one graph for comparison.

Use the new analytics reports to identify areas where your content is popular, so you can target local advertising options. You can see which videos are being shared the most and check your conversion rates (which videos lead to the viewer to take some kind of action).

If going viral is important to you, use Ooyala’s data to see exactly where your videos are being shared. You’ll know how much sharing is going on with Facebook and how much by e-mail, for example. You can also see which locations are sharing your work.

The Domains section lets you see which Web pages are sharing your data, then drill down to the user level. Ooyala had domain information before, you couldn’t dive as far into it.

Ooyala’s analytics platform is available to all customers of the company’s Backlot publishing system at no additional cost.

“We’re using our new Cassandra back-end to provide even better real-time reporting that publishers can use to pick the best video placements and syndication strategies, increase engagement, and generate higher CPMs. Ooyala has offered the industry’s leading video analytics solution for three years, and these enhancements help us build on that lead,” says Jay Fulcher, Ooyala’s CEO.


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