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Five Ways to Get Noticed on YouTube

Even if you’re happily streaming your videos with a top-notch online video provider (OVP), you shouldn’t neglect YouTube. Think it’s too low-rent for you? Think again. It’s the top video site by far. You can’t afford not to be on it.

But just because you upload a few videos to YouTube doesn’t mean they’ll be eagerly watched by millions of people. You need to stand out from the crowd. Here are five tips to make sure your work gets noticed on YouTube.

1. Keep Up Appearances
YouTube can stream high-definition video now, so upload the best quality copies you have of your work. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use the default thumbnail image for an uploaded video. YouTube will automatically use the screen that’s exactly halfway through your video as the thumbnail image, but you can choose the image that’s one-quarter of the way through or three-quarters through. Choose the one that looks the most interesting.

2. Use the Right Titles and Terms
Once your videos are uploaded, think carefully about the titles and descriptions you give them. Most of your viewers will find your work by searching. Think about keywords to use. If your video can tie into a current hot trend or internet meme, mention it in the description.

3. Join the Group
Don’t just post your videos and forget about them; be a part of the YouTube community. Respond to any comments that deserve a response. Thank people for following your work. Rate and comment on other people’s videos. Follow people creating similar videos. It’s all a part of social marketing, which is increasingly important in reaching plugged-in, jaded consumers.

4. Break Up Longer Work
You’ve heard how longer work is becoming more popular online, but that’s mostly for Hulu and other sites that show premium programming. If you’re loading clips onto YouTube, keep them short. If you have a longer video you really want to post, consider breaking it into chapters first. People are more likely to watch several short videos than the same work put together in one longer file.

5. Buy Promotion from YouTube

The previous four tips are things you can do for free, and they’re all valuable ideas for attracting attention. However, if you have an advertising budget, the YouTube Promoted Videos program is there to help you jump-start the process of getting viewers. It’s built on the AdWords auction system of parent company Google, and it lets you set the price you’re willing to pay per click. You can control you maximum daily budget, so you’ll never spend more than you want. Try it out on a small scale and see if you get results. If so, increase your spending.


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