How to Get Started with SundaySky

Getting started with online video can be tricky, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of products on your site. You know that online video can help you increase traffic by giving shoppers a better look at what they’re buying, but turning out that many videos would be incredibly expensive. That’s where SundaySky comes in.

This company has automated video creation, while still providing videos that feel personal. The secret is that it combines studio-recorded vocal tracks of all the needed words and phrases with your own product specs and photos. Combine those elements in a template that you create with SundaySky and you get videos that feel individually made.

SundaySky works with your site’s product database—perhaps an XML data feed or an API—to get data for the videos. As information in your database changes, so do the videos. They’re always up to date.

You can try SundaySky’s videos for 30-days for free, adding them to all the products in one or two categories. To view the company’s works, take a look at (faucets, world-stock jewelry, sinks, window treatments, coffee tables, area rugs, and ceiling fans), B&H Photo and Video (digital point-and-shoot cameras), Stacks and Stacks (media storage), the History Channel (DVDs), Overseas Adventure Travel, and

To walk you through the steps of getting started with SundaySky, we spoke with the company’s president, Mitch Praver.

1. Contact SundaySky
Use the contact link on SundaySky’s website to get in touch with them, then schedule a meeting. The company is in New York City, and can do a face-to-face meeting if you’re in the area. Otherwise, schedule a call. You’ll see examples of the types of videos the site can create.

2. Start a 30-day Trial
Provide the company with access to your data feed. It will analyze the data to make sure there’s enough substance to create compelling product videos. If the data is too lean, SundaySky can augment the feed with images and automations.

3. Have a Call with the Team
To let SundaySky’s team know what you want on your videos, you’ll schedule a call to talk about your objectives, key products, and how you differentiate yourself from other players in your space. As the client, you’ll have final approval over all creative decisions.

4. Create a Video Template
Before SundaySky can begin making your videos, it needs a template. This basic form, which the company calls a “videolet,” is where all the assets for your various product videos will be organized.

5. Add the Videos to your Site
You can display your videos in a tabbed interface or with a button that the viewer clicks to see a video. You can also have the videos embedded directly in your product pages. Whatever you choose, SundaySky will give you a dynamic code that you’ll add to your site template. You don’t need to add a different code to every page, since the SundaySky player grabs the product SKU from your page and then delivers the correct video. Once you’ve added the code, republish and you’re live.

Pricing for SundaySky is either per view or by click-through. The per view model, starting at $.05 for each view, is the most popular, says Praver. SundaySky hosts all the videos and handles all the delivery, although its modular design allows for customers to host part of the system, if they want.

If you’re looking to create a lot of custom content in a short time, give SundaySky a try. With a 30-day trial, you’ve got nothing to lose.


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  1. I checked out their site – looks almost too good. If it works the way they say it does then it’s pretty awsome – anyone tried it…?

    Posted by David | May 13, 2010, 3:28 pm
  2. SundaySky is up live on several product categories on, B and H Photo, Stacks & Stacks (home furnishings),, a real estate site called Sawbuck Realty, a travel site called Overseas Adventure Travel and several other e-commerce sites — with several others soon to deploy.

    Posted by Mitch | May 14, 2010, 1:04 pm
  3. Interesting. Why don’t I see any of your videos on the Stacks and Stacks site?

    Posted by Roger Gilmore | June 6, 2011, 3:27 pm
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