How to Get Started with Google Analytics

It’s amazing what you can get for free online. YouTube is free web syndication for many companies, and you can find royalty-free tracks on various sites to add music to your videos. Leave it to Google to provide not just free website analytics, but really good analytics. If you haven’t gotten started with Google Analytics yet, spend a little time adding it to your site. You’ll learn a lot more than just how many views you’re getting.

  1. Create Your Account
    The accounts are free, so go to the Google Analytics homepage and sign up for one. All you’ll need is a site URL and your contact information. Once you’ve registered, you’ll get a tracking code that you’ll use later.
  2. Customize Your Profile
    Next, you’ll want to tweak your profile so that Google Analytics gives you exactly the information you need. Tell the profile what the default homepage is for your site, for example. If you sell goods over your site, you’ll need to indicate that this is an e-commerce site.
  3. Use the Tracking Code
    Google Analytics won’t track just any old site: it looks for unique tracking information buried in your site’s coding. Before the service can tell you about your visitors, you’ll need to have your unique code added to every page on your site. You’re going to add it just before the </body> tag at the end of your pages, so a simple find-and-replace will have the whole site done quickly. After you’ve added the tag and republished your site, you should be able to see results on Google Analytics within 24 hours.
  4. Set up Filters
    You won’t want to track every hit your site gets. You might get a lot of traffic from your own employees, but that information won’t do you much good. To exclude certain results from your reports, set up filters. Go to the Analytics Settings page and click to add a filter. To block results from your internal employees, you can set up a filter for your IP address. You can also set up filters based on the domain or the geographical location.
  5. Add your Site Employees
    Everyone working on your website should have access to the Google Analytics data so they can monitor it to improve your site’s performance. Let the people creating your videos see which ones are getting the most hits. After all, they need to learn what your customers are interested in. Do so by clicking User Manager and then clicking Add. You can decide if each added person can view reports only or log in as an administrator.

Tip: To get accurate information from Google Analytics, you’ll need to be sure you’ve added your tracking code to every page on your site. Rather than sort through they pages by hand, let SiteScan do the work for you. This online tool (another great free service) will scan your site and report back if it finds any errors.


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