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Metrics: Measuring Online Video Success

So you’ve successfully posted videos for your business. Congratulations. Now, how do you judge whether or not your campaign was successful? You could look at the number of views your videos received, but that’s only part of the story.

According to Josh Warner, president and founder of video seeding firm The Feed Company, the number of views doesn’t matter as much as the quality of views. For a quality viewer, think hard about your target audience and where on the web you can reach them.

Some products, like soft drinks or mobile phone, have a broad audience, he says, while some, like men’s shaving products or women’s fashions, are specialized. Think about whom you want to watch your video and judge your results by how many target viewers you get.

So how can you be sure the right people are watching your videos? By getting those videos on the right sites. Once you’ve identified your target audience, go out and find them online. Learn what blogs and social networks they frequent and try to get your videos in front of them.

Getting your videos in the right places means outreaching to hundreds of different sites, says Warner. If your product or service appeals to different audiences, create different videos for each and try to place them on different sites.

“It’s not one container fits all,” Warner says.

After you’ve got your work in front of the right audience, it’s time to think about the numbers. The total number of hits is one important metric, but also consider the ones that show engagement. You want to be sure the viewer is engaging with your work.

Look for the ratings that viewers have given your videos and the comments they’ve posted. Look at how many viewers—or how few—marked it as a favorite. If you’re posting with YouTube, use its Insight analytics tool to study how many people shared your videos and the length of time viewers watched. When you’ve done your research and gotten your videos in front of the right eyeballs, he says, you can expect them to watch all the way through and not click off early.

Engagement, number of views, and quality of views are the three metrics that mean the most to Warner. If the blogs are promoting your work and viewers are sharing it with friends, you’ve done your work and created an engaged viewer.


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