Kyte Launches Tight Integration with Facebook

In a move that recognizes not only the importance of social networking site Facebook, but also the power of sharing, online video platform Kyte has announced extensive support for building to Facebook.

The new Kyte Facebook Application Framework lets clients create branded interactive video for Facebook. Clients can reach the Facebook audience directly and even generate income through pre-roll, overlay, and companion advertising.

The Frameworks lets customers distribute content on Facebook in three ways: they can create a Facebook Fan page, which will notify viewers when new video is available; create a news feed, which will also notify viewers of new content and let them play it directly from their feed; or create Canvas pages, which serve as branded video destinations.

Kyte’s Facebook functionality extends even to other sites, as Kyte now supports Facebook’s social plug-ins. Customers can add a Like button to their videos no matter where they’re displayed, letting viewers share their recommendations with Facebook friends. Customers can also add a Facebook Recommendations box to their site.

“What this application framework allows our customers to do is easily deliver a fully interactive Kyte experience to Facebook so they can reach and engage the Facebook community, as well as monetize their content within Facebook,” says Gannon Hall, Kyte’s COO. “It ties into what we’ve been trying to do with the Kyte 360° video platform in addressing this audience fragmentation problem, allowing customers to reach their audiences where they spend their time.”


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