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Five Quick Tips for Successful Online Video Marketing

Creating great content is one thing, getting it noticed is another. Here are five steps you can take to reach the widest possible audience.

  1. Add Subtitles
    If you’re trying to reach people in office environments, keep in mind that they may well have the volume off on their computers. Those cloth cubicles don’t block sound and people don’t want to disturb their neighbors. Add subtitles, so the viewer can read along, and they’ll likely watch longer.
  2. Make Embedding Easy
    It might seem risky to let your videos play on other Web sites, but you’ll get a lot more traffic that way. If you’re offering compelling content, let your viewers share it. The positive word of mouth will do your company good.
  3. Remember Metadata
    Many of your viewers will come from search results, so make your videos easy to find. Make sure your work is titled well and that you use specific keywords to describe it in the metadata. Leave out the metadata and you’re throwing away hits.
  4. Use, but Don’t Abuse, Social Networks
    Yes, you should absolutely have a Twitter account to tell viewers about new videos, but don’t make those the only messages you tweet. If you do nothing but push videos, people won’t want to follow you. Entertain with messages about what’s going on in your company or provide information on your industry, as well.
  5. Don’t Expect Results
    If you’re creating videos to push your company’s products or services, don’t try to turn every viewer into a buyer. That will result in hard-sell videos that no one wants to watch. Instead, deliver content that people will enjoy watching and simply try to create a positive image around your brand.


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